Ecological permeable ground system
Ecological permeable ground system
Ecological permeable ground system
Ecological permeable ground system

Ecological permeable ground system

Using special design plastic form work, the car park can be cast on site. Comparing with the planting grass brick car park, it can solve the some problems such as poor integrity, easily damaged, uneven ground, plant growth bad and etc. And also it has some advantage such as High strength, high permeability, Short construction period and etc.

Name Ecological high-bearing grassland
Material Plastic molds, Concrete
Specification L×W×H = 600×600×100 (mm)
Compression Strength C30~C60
Applicable Occasions and Advantages Suitable for parking; high strength, good integrity, aesthetic effect, good water permeability, short construction period.

Sponge City Products Specifications Unit Technical Requirements Usage
Ceramic Permeable Silicon Tile Sand Yellow Thickness 40mm/60mm/80mm m2 Iron red, coffee, green, blue, etc. Sidewalks, parking lots, squares, small lanes, etc.
Ecological sand-based permeable Brick Gray Thickness 40mm/60mm/80mm m2
Permeable Ceramic Brick Thickness 40mm/55mm m2
Structural Seam Permeable Brick The appearance size is optional, thickness according to the bearing capacity requirements m2 Concrete, imitation stone, sintered surface, etc Sidewalks, squares, etc

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