HDPE pipes and fittings

HDPE pipes and fittings

The high density polyethylene pipe is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, with the addition of a handfwwul of such materials as of the antioxidant, ultraviolet-resistant absorbent and pigment. As the most common pipes used for the siphonic rainwater drainage system, it has such characteristics as of light weight, convenience for transportation and construction, and perfect sealing performance.

  • The pipes and fittings are complete in specifications, with theModel and Specification: De15~De400, and the Pressure Bearing Grade: PN3.2~PN20, which could satisfyvarious engineering demands.
  • The pipes used for the siphonic rainwater drainage system need to satisfy the requirements of the production standards, in which the pipes is made of PE100 raw material and pipe fittings are made of PE80 raw material, with the pipe pressure bearing grade being greater than PN6 and all the pipes being subject to the 0.09 Mparesistant negative pressure test.
  • The pipelines shall be of strong toughness, aging resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance..
  • The pipes have a long service life, which could exceed 50 years.
  • The light weight of the HDPE pipe could make it convenient for transportation, construction and installation, and the adoption of the hot-melting and electric-melting connection could make it of perfect tightness.
  • Before the delivery, the pipes have gone through the special technology processing to make the pipeline linear expansion coefficient less than1.5%.
  • With the small modulus of elasticity, the pipes can absorb the water flow noise inside the pipe.

In order to reduce the local resistance of the pipe fittings and ensure the smooth water flow, Tidelion has developed the one-time injectionmoulded HDPE pipe fittings, including the 45° elbow, 90° elbow, 135° inclined T-cock and eccentric different-diameter pipe, of which the elbow curvature radius is greater than 4D.


In order to cope with the requirements for the exterior facades of the buildings, Tidelion has developed the white series of pipes and fittings. In case of the exposed installation, the white pipes would even more adapt to the requirements for the building decoration, which could avoid the poor paint adhesion of the black pipelines and the paint peeling problem caused by the greater expansion amount of the PE pipelines.

The stainless steel pipes basically have the following features:

  • The pipes and fittings have the perfect corrosion resistance.
  • With the bright, clean and beautiful appearance, they are of perfect decoration effect.
  • The pipelines have a small coefficient of the heat-caused expansion and cold-caused contraction.
  • They have the strong ability of positive and negative pressure resistance.
  • They have the perfect fireproof performance, which is universally acknowledged in the world.
  • They are of convenient construction and installation.
  • They have the excellent mechanical and physical properties. Since the stainless steel pipes have the higher strength, which is two times of that for the galvanized pipes, three times of that for the copper pipes three times and 8-10 times of that for the PP-R pipes, they could perfectly stand the vibration and impact. And they also have such characteristics as of water-tightness, bursting resistance, fire prevention and seismic resistance. So they are of safety, reliability and long service life.
  • It is indicated by the corrosion-resistance test data that the service life of the stainless steel pipes could reach 100 years. And the stainless steel pipes are of simple maintenance. So they are of good cost-performance ratio, low operating cost and remarkable economic benefit.

HDPE Pipe Fixed System

The fixed system has been developed in allusion to the requirements for the special installation of the HDPE pipes applied to the siphon system. The inside of the hanging pipes of the siphonic rainwater drainage system presents the negative state. In order to avoid the air leakage of the system, the system would set up no expansion joint. Tidelion would use the “fixed installation” to limit the stretch mode of the pipeline, in which the axial stress caused by the temperature change of the HDPE pipes would directly be transmitted to the parallelly-installed square steel pipes through the fixed points of the fixed pipe clamp. Through the practical experience in the rainwater drainage system, the maximum working temperature difference of the fixed system can reach 50℃ .

  • Since the square steel pipe has less suspension points with the building structure, it is widely applied to various new-type
  • The expansion amount of HDPE pipes is translated into the axial stress through the fixed pipe clamps with no expansion joint being used, so as to avoid the air leakage hidden trouble of the expansion joints.
  • After the surface of the fittings goes through the hot galvanizing treatment, they are even more beautiful and durable than the traditional field-fabricated hooks. more durable.
  • All the fittings are made in the factory, so what to do on the construction site would only need to make the simple assembly there of.

90° Elbow

  • High Density Polyethylene.
  • The flat-curve elbows with no dead cornering angle ,wouldbe applicable for the drainage pipeline.
  • Pipe diameter range : 40mm—200mm.

135°Drawing for lateral tee

  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Pipe diameter range : 40mm—200mm

40# Suspended pipe clamp

Riser card

Stop heating tape


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  5. They are also freeze-break resistant.

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