Ceramic permeable packing

Ceramic permeable packing

Ceramic permeable silicon tiles have many advantages of being permeable, ventilating, skidproof and reducing noise. It can be widely laid on the sidewalks, squares, car parks, parks and residential areas, in the high temperature of 1300 degree, it has a high intensity, and can be used for the pavement in the ground of car parks and other areas.

When it rains, it can quickly infiltrate into the ground, conserve groundwater, and reduce the heat island effect of cities, and the good anti-freezing and melting feature can also prevent the frozen situation

of the ground in winter. Although the product has the porous structure, but after the adhesion of the material, and then produced by firing in the high temperature of 1300 degree, it has a high intensity, and can be used for the pavement in the ground of car parks and other areas.


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Wish to invest in high-quality ceramic permeable brick to make the infrastructure stronger and lasting? Shop them from the leading corporate of China, Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd. We are here to give you guidance on proper and comprehensive utilization of rainwater system by providing you the best infrastructure materials. With years of expertise in this field, we have an understanding of the most suitable materials for your required applications. Now, you can improve the environment around you and prevent the city flood by placing the ceramic silica permeable brick on urban roads. Do not worry about the rates because we have the most economical rates to offer our premium customers because we have a firm faith that our clients' trust has made us the top-most ceramic permeable bricks manufacturer worldwide. 

Benefits of Ceramic Silica Permeable Brick

Tideline, as a pro in this field, strives harder every day to offers its clientele the most reliable structural joint permeable brick that has myriad benefits to serve, including the following.

  1. The bricks we manufacture have excellent permeability and can instantly help to penetrate the rainwater quickly, subsequently preventing urban waterlogging and flooding.
  2. The water is retained inside the ceramic permeable brick, which would slowly evaporate and help in reducing the temperature.
  3. Because of the retained water, plants would grow in them and assist in cleaning the environment.
  4. The porous structure of our supreme ceramic silica permeable brick even absorbs a large amount of noise. 
  5. The high permeability of the bricks we manufacture also guarantees high safety as they are slip-resistant.
  6. To save the waste, the structural joint permeable brick can be repeatedly used. 

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Tidelion is a premier company of highly skilled ceramic permeable bricks manufacturer that has the best variety of quality bricks to offer in a range of sizes and colors. The aesthetically appealing ceramic permeable brick we manufacture makes the roads look much elegant without compromising with its function. The best part is we offer you these superior quality bricks at the most affordable prices so that you can benefit your businesses. Adding more to your convenience and comfort, we also offer on-time delivery of the ceramic silica permeable brick. No matter in which part of the globe you are in, we will reach you, by all means, to make you experience the best services ever.