Urban waterlogging warning platform

Urban waterlogging warning platform

  • In the upstream pipeline of the rainwater storage tank inflow control facility
  • nstallation of intelligent drainage monitoring equipment for downstream pipelines and inlet pipelines of rainwater storage tanks Monitoring liquid level
  • Flow rate
  • Flow data
  • Separately monitor changes in the liquid level in the control facility
  • Upstream pipeline
  • Downstream pipeline velocity and flow
  • Monitoring instrument real-time monitoring data
  • Pass the data remote transmission module to the monitoring platform
  • The monitoring plan of the waterlogging control device is shown in Figure 3-5
  • The gate valve of the rainwater storage tank inflow control equipment reflects the use effect of the.
  • rainwater storage tank inflow control equipment through the remote autonomous curve of the intelligent rainwater storage and utilization system monitoring platform

Waterlogging control device monitoring equipment

Comparison of daily rainfall measured data and model data

  • Effect measured
  • Since the community is in a newly built area
  • The area covered by the municipal drainage network remains undeveloped after a large number of plots
  • Preliminary analysis of the underlying surface
  • The municipal rainwater pipe network can carry rainfall with a return period of at least 5 years
  • According to the original setting
  • The device cannot trigger peak regulation conditions
  • To verify the peak regulation effect
  • Manually set the opening time of the electric gate valve (triggered according to the data of the overflow pipe flowmeter)
  • Verify the peak reduction effect of different trigger conditions

Assumed conditions

The electric gate valve is in a normally closed state, and the rain is discharged from the overflow pipe first; when the overflow flow meter monitors the flow rate to 69.09 L/s (a 24-hour peak flow rate once a year), the electric gate opens, and the rainwater enters the regulation at the same time. Reservoir

Rain event

Two rainfalls exceeding 20mm in August and September are selected as typical events. The basic characteristics of monitored rainfall events are as follows

Peak storage effect analysis

The first rain: on August 12, the rainfall was 31.6mm. Except for the short 5-minute rainfall intensity of 4.2mm at 13:48, the rainfall in the rest of the time period was relatively average, and the 5-minute rainfall intensity did not exceed 1.0mm. The maximum flow rate of actual monitoring data is 32.5 L/s. During actual operation, the opening conditions set by the electric gate are not reached, and the regulating reservoir fails to enter water at the peak flow rate. Detailed comparison is shown in Figure 3-9

Roof Drain Performance Parameters

Rain Date Accumulated rainfall Maximum rain intensity per minute
August 12, 2020 31.6 4.2
September 29, 2020 21.6 1.6

Comparison of daily rainfall monitoring data and model data

  • Trigger condition adjustment of overflow flow
  • Consider that the actual rainfall has not reached the set value
  • Adjust the trigger condition of overflow flow to 28 L/s (0.5-year return period heavy rain intensity)
  • Second rain
  • Rain on September 29
  • Rainfall 21.6mm
  • Rain is still relatively tied
  • Maximum 5 minutes rain intensity is 1.6mm
  • But after adjusting to trigger the maximum flow condition
  • But the overflow flow value reaches 28L/s
  • Electronic gate valve opens
  • Rainfall runoff flows into the storage tank synchronously
  • As shown in Figure 3-10 below
  • Because the actual rainfall is more tied

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