Ground Water Storage Tank

Ground water storage tank

The buried and above-the-ground rainwater tanks use HDPE materials, which can be placed above the ground or buried underground. The rainwater collected from the roof or other places, after simple treatment in the tanks, is used for watering green areas, washing cars, adding landscape water and washing roads through the corresponding automatic equipment in the tanks. The tank is equipped with the devices for measuring water level, and during the dry season, if the lowest level is reached, it will hint to introduce other water sources. The device is widely used in small buildings, villas, car washing station and residential quarters and other regions, which can collect and utilize the rainwater separately.

Tall Selection Table

  230 L 300 L 350 L 400 L 500 L 1000 L 3500 L 5000 L
Rocky wall tank          
Woody wall tank              
Sunda wall tank              
Rainwater amphora              
Antique plant amphora              
Color 2 in 1 water tank            
Column wall tank            
Square tank          
Round tank          

Tidelion – The Leading RainWater Collection Solutions Provider

Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd has been a pioneer provider of different types of water-saving systems for the last eighteen years.  Tidelion knows the importance of conserving rainwater so that it can be used for various purposes without being wasted in vain. We have been tirelessly working towards providing state-of-the-art solutions for different commercial and domestic uses to preserve the precious water resources so they can be utilized for different routine purposes.

In today’s time, when water is becoming a far more valuable resource than it was ever before, we identify the need to protect the water from being wasted and preserve as much of it as possible. We have been offering different economical water tank overflow solutions to protect different water resources so they can be used for different purposes.

Why Choose Our Water Collection Solutions?

Tidelion comes with state-of-the-art water preservation solutions that include options such as PE rainwater collection tank, special water tank on the same floor, and wall-mounted water tank. We have developed unique water collection solutions that are intended to cater to commercial and domestic applications, and we are determined to make a difference when it comes to protecting the different water resources. The unique range of options that we offer uses HDPE material that helps us to make water collection tanks secure and leakage-proof. Our PE rainwater collection tank range offers different size options that can help you store a decent amount of water that can be used for different day-to-day tasks. We are proud to put our part in saving a great amount of precious water resources from being wasted, and we ensure to provide a product that can not only offer you a better water collection solution but also help to keep the water clean from any kind of harmful chemicals.  We, as a leading wall-mounted water tank manufacturer, understand that water sources might be placed at different locations and levels in different residential and commercial spaces, so we provide distinguished designs to accommodate the needs of our valued customers. Our dedicated team prepares a proper draft for each solution that we provide to our customers so we can align our products according to the distinguished needs of our clients.

Features of Our Water Collection Solutions

·         Different size options are available, so different amount of water can be preserved without any issues

·         Our water collection solutions are available at the best rates that make us one of the most economical options available in the market

·         Top-quality HDPE material is used in the making of different water collection tanks to prevent any kind of leakage that might happen in the water tank

·         Our tanks keep the color of water unchanged as there are no chemicals involved that might be used to preserve the water resource.  

·         The durability makes our products a one-time investment, so you can relax and let us take care of the required maintenance.