Rainwater greening irrigation

Rainwater greening irrigation

Tidelion Offers Best Quality Roof Greening Water Storage Solutions

Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd is a leading provider of various kinds of water-saving systems and has been in the business for the last eighteen years.  Tidelion understands the need for conserving rainwater so that it can be used for different purposes without being wasted in vain.

We provide sustainable water-saving solutions that are designed to offer our customers a chance to save rainwater for different purposes such as irrigation and gardening. We provide our customers with a high-quality roof greening water storage tank that comes in different size variations and is designed with robust material that would make it last for years to come.

Why Choose Our Storage Tank?

The benefit that rainwater harvesting provides you is that it prevents the rainwater from going to waste and allows you to use it for a better cause. We, as a leading water-saving solutions company, understand this, and we have designed our roof greening water storage tank so you can avoid rainwater wastage and utilize it for purposes such as gardening.

The storage capacity that we offer varies according to your needs, so you can have a tank that has been appropriate for your water-saving needs. The material that we have utilized has made it possible for us to promise rust resistance and durability.We can offer different variations of the water tank at wholesale prices and are capable of providing these tanks in a bulk quantity to our customers.