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Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd has been in the field of rainwater resource and management for the last eighteen years. Tidelion knows the importance of rainwater for the sue in urban and rural regions and has introduced solutions that help to save the water resources to a great extent. The company has provided consultancy and services to different countries such as Iran, Maldives, and Singapore to help them in implementing the complete smart city model in different cities. Tidelion is a leading sponge city model provider and aims to bring water wastage to a minimum level safeguarding valuable water resources.

A Certified Sponge City Model Provider

Tidelion has been working with different countries to provide solutions to help them implement the complete smart city model in various cities that are facing rainwater issues. We has been a leading sponge city model provider and is determined to provide efficient solutions in the wake of the development of several smart cities. The company has individual working plans to ensure the transition of cities into smart cities and to provide sustainable resources to protect the rainwater and river reserves. We have affordable rates to ensure the large-scale development of smart cities to protect the diminishing water resources at different levels. We, as a pioneer smart water drainage system provider, ensure to provide designated systems to ensure the proper discharge of water from different locations.

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  • Rainwater collection and utilization system

  • Roof rainwater drainage

  • Drainage on the same floor

  • Infiltration of ecological ground system series products

  • Rainwater smart management system

  • Drainage System Design Consultation

Smart Rainwater Management & Drainage System Solution

Roofing Rainwater Drainage and Collection System

Roofing rainwater drainage and collection system has dual function of rainwater drainage. Following the flow pattern in the roof rainwater drain line, the system includes three systems namely gravity flow, semi-pressure flow and siphon flow. Rainwater in gravity flow system is not fully filled; rainwater in semi-pressure flow system is demonstrated via mixture of air water in pipeline; rainwater in siphon flow system is fully-filled on way. Different system should apply professional roof drain.

Our Projects

Tidelion cooperated with FAW-Volkswagen, created a miracle

Recently, all Tidelion staff were touched by a thanks letter from for North Base of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive construction Headquarters. Tidelion Construction Management Division finished a more than 7000m2 siphonic roof installation project within 20 days, it not only won the customers’ recognition, but also created a miracle in the industry.


Tidelion cooperated with FAW-Volkswagen, created a miracle

Recently, all Tidelion staff were touched by a thanks letter from for North Base of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive construction Headquarters. Tidelion Construction Management Division finished a more than 7000m2 siphonic roof installation project within 20 days, it not only won the customers’ recognition, but also created a miracle in the industry.

Mar 20,2020

Sponge City Industrial Innovation Center

Relying on the construction water supply and drainage research branch of China construction society, the sponge City Industrial Innovation Center is established, and the public service platforms and resource sharing platforms such as sponge city technology research and development, standard research, test verification, detection, and monitoring, project incubation, information collection, project evaluation and demonstration, achievement exhibition and display are established, as well as the introduction, training, training, and exchange of professional talents in sponge city Base.

Aug 8,2023

Rainwater Harvesting Solution

In an era where climate change is a pressing global concern, Tidelion, a pioneering entity committed to sustainable solutions, is taking the lead in addressing global climate vulnerabilities through its groundbreaking Rainwater Harvesting System. This innovative initiative is not only revolutionizing clean water access during droughts but also fostering adaptation strategies to combat the escalating flooding crisis in Semarang. By seamlessly integrating rainwater harvesting systems into public schools, Tidelion is reshaping the landscape of climate resilience. Revolutionizing Water Management for a Sustainable Future The Rainwater Harvesting System to Reduce Climate Change Vulnerability, spearheaded by Tidelion, stands as a testament to visionary thinking in the face of environmental challenges. This comprehensive solution encompasses two primary objectives: mitigating water scarcity during droughts and curbing the detrimental impacts of flooding in Semarang. This initiative represents a paradigm shift in water management by capitalizing on the abundance of rainwater as a viable source of clean water. Unveiling the Impact: Key Highlights Averting Water Shortages with Innovative Technology By harnessing the power of rain, Tidelion's rainwater harvesting systems demonstrate a remarkable capacity to reduce water consumption by up to 30% during the rainy season, spanning approximately six months. This exceptional feat is significantly enhanced when coupled with the strategic utilization of water storage tanks. The integration of gravity-based water flow within the system minimizes the energy demand for pumping, making the process highly energy-efficient. Community Engagement and Empowerment Tidelion's unwavering commitment to community engagement has brought about tangible change. Collaborating with a local neighborhood comprising around 40 households adjacent to a public school, the project has enabled the seamless adoption and maintenance of a communal rainwater harvesting infrastructure. This synergy between the community and innovative technology has fostered a holistic approach to climate resilience, magnifying the impact across all strata of society. Empowering Over 20,500 Lives The tangible results of Tidelion's efforts are evident in the lives of over 20,500 individuals who have directly benefited from this transformative initiative. By providing access to clean water, Tidelion is not only safeguarding human health but also paving the way for a sustainable future where climate-induced water scarcity becomes a thing of the past. Addressing Climate Challenges Head-On Semarang: A City at the Crossroads of Climate Vulnerability As one of Indonesia's urban centers most susceptible to climate change, Semarang grapples with the dual challenges of recurrent floods and intensifying droughts. The urbanization surge, characterized by an annual population growth rate of 1.85%, amplifies the issue of rainwater runoff overwhelming the city's infrastructure. Tidelion's Rainwater Harvesting System offers a beacon of hope in this tumultuous scenario. Harnessing Rainwater for Resilience At the heart of Tidelion's solution lies an ingenious rain harvesting system, meticulously designed to capture and store rainwater during the monsoon season. The gravity-based water flow mechanism eliminates the need for energy-intensive pumping, rendering the process both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. This stored rainwater emerges as a lifeline during the arid months, providing a crucial source of clean water to the population. Preserving Groundwater through Absorption Wells In addition to storing rainwater, Tidelion's initiative includes the integration of absorption wells – a forward-thinking approach to groundwater preservation. These wells redirect rainwater directly into the ground, replenishing groundwater reserves and safeguarding against future water scarcity. This dual-pronged strategy not only ensures short-term water security but also lays the groundwork for long-term sustainability. Promoting Environmental and Social Well-Being Fostering Sustainable Water Sources Tidelion's commitment to fostering sustainable water sources is at the crux of its Rainwater Harvesting System. By offering an alternative water supply during droughts, this initiative contributes to alleviating the pressure on existing water sources and facilitates a more equitable distribution of water resources. Empowering Vulnerable Communities Undoubtedly, the most vulnerable segments of society bear the brunt of climate change impacts. Tidelion's efforts are a beacon of hope for these underserved populations. In a city where 26.47% of the population lived below the poverty line in 2009, the provision of clean water becomes a transformative intervention. The rain harvesting systems drastically reduce the time and effort required to access water, improving the quality of life for these marginalized individuals. A Roadmap for Expansion Unleashing the Potential for Growth Tidelion's Rainwater Harvesting System is not just a standalone solution; it represents a blueprint for scalability. By enhancing water storage capacity, increasing the number of tanks, or exploring innovative designs, the project has the potential to extend its impact far beyond its current boundaries. As climate change continues to exert its influence on vulnerable regions worldwide, initiatives like Tidelion's Rainwater Harvesting System offer a glimmer of hope. By leveraging innovative technology, community engagement, and a commitment to sustainability, Tidelion is rewriting the narrative of climate resilience worldwide. This initiative stands as a shining example of how effective solutions can emerge from collaboration, determination, and a relentless pursuit of a better, more sustainable future.

Dec 2,2021

Qualities Of a Reliable and Uninterrupted Drainage System

Overflowing gutters, clogged drains and sluggish flow of water through the pipes, downpipe issues, and wet spots on the lawn are the major issues faced by a property owner if the drainage system is not properly installed. Have you ever experienced a backflow of water through your kitchen sink? Or blocked toilet drains? All these things lead to the quality of the drainage system that is installed at your place. A drainage system for the residential area is designed while planning the architecture and building of the house. It is one of the main things that need to be done correctly to avoid drain issues in the future. Poor drainage systems can damage the foundation of the house or lead to soil erosion in the place. You wouldn’t want to face these problems, right? Thus, here are the main qualities that a good drainage system must have. What is a drainage system? A drainage system consists of pipeline equipment, sewage reservoirs, and a major sewage area where all the excessive wastewater is drained. The system is required to collect and transport sewage water from the kitchen, toilet, and bath area. The roof of the house must have enough headroom to handle the surplus rainwater. Also, the outdoor gutter systems installed at the house must be properly sized to carry away all the wastewater. Qualities of a good drainage system 1.     Design a gravity pipe system This goes without saying that a good and reliable drainage system is always designed keeping gravity in mind. The majority of the systems work best with downwards gravity force as no pressure differences or suction force is built while designing a drainage plant. If for some reason, a gravity pipe system can’t be installed, it’s better to install force main sewerage which works under pressure and build a force for the water flow. 2.     Pipeline equipment qualities A domestic drainage pipe system with high capacity is most reliable and is easy to clean (if required). The material used for the pipes must be durable and resistant to high and low temperatures. The pipes must be robust and mechanically and chemically wear-resistant. A pipe system with these qualities offers the best outcome and proves to be long-lasting. Another reliable quality of the drainage pipes is that they withstand a test pressure that is 1.5 times the working pressure but not less than 7 bars. The permanent pressure must correspond to the operating pressure and not be less than 4.5 bars.   3.       Pipe sizing As far as the most appropriate pipe sizes are concerned, the minimum diameter for a drain pipe is 100mm. If the pipe carries the discharge from only wastewater fixtures, the diameter can go down to 80 mm as well. 4.     Durability The material that is used to make the drains likely must be durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and elements. Also, if it has a long life span, it is a win-win for everyone. The standard galvanized steel and copper materials are ideal for building durable drains. 5.      Ventilation of drains Experiencing foul air from drains can disturb the overall kitchen and bathroom environment making the place unbearable to breathe in. Thus, it is important to have a good ventilation system of the drains to restrict the buildup of foul smells. A quality system consists of a minimum of 80mm diameter vent pipes that terminate in the open air. These are ideally located downstream of the discharge pipe, the one closest to the head of the drain. This allows regular flushing at the vent and drains meeting point ensuring good maintenance of the vent. 6.     Proper inspection and maintenance If you are looking for an ideal drain t install at your place, select the one which has good maintenance options. Inspection chambers must be installed in the drain system for routine checkups and inspection of the drain to avoid issues like leakage and blocking. Conclusion The above-mentioned in the post are the major qualities of a drainage system that would give long-lasting results, proves to be cost-effective, and are properly installed giving the best solution to the drainage of wastewater.