Concealed water tank HDPE
Concealed water tank HDPE

Concealed water tank HDPE

With the one-time blow molding, there would be no post-project troubles of water leakage at the joints; The brackets of the concealed cistern can bear such a force as of 400 kilograms, and 75% of the gravity would be transferred from the brackets to the ground.

  • High-position wall hidden water tank
  • Low-position wall hidden water tank.
  • High and low position wall hidden water tank – reinforced on fixed floor.
  • High position wall hidden water tank - with toilet bowl support frame.

Flushing Control Plate

Such flushing press panels as being smart, diversified and full of artistic charm would enliven the bathrooms in a moment, the mechanical, gas dynamic and sensory executors combined with the various coloured plastic, glass and metal panels can provide you with a personalized living space. With the flushing adjustment between 3 liters and 6 liters, there would be a significant effect of water conservation. After being installed, it would become an integrated mass with the architectural structure, which would provide you with a humanized comfortable space.



Beijing Olympics National Convention Center
Tangshan Continent VilleggiaturalHolidays(Phase1&Phase2) Number of Bathrooms:3999Sets
Lanzhou Hongyunrun Park Number of Bathrooms: More than 3800 Sets
K2-Lily Bay Number of Bathrooms: More than 2680 Sets
ZhengZhou Top Mansion Number of Bathrooms: More than 1841 Sets
Tianjin Airport YOHO Number of Bathrooms: More than 1600 Sets


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