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Based on about12 years’ development, The company has become one of writers to contribute national standards and industry specifications, including GB50400-2006; National industry standard; CJJ 142-2014、 Beijing City provincial standardDB11/685-2013、 Hebei province provincial standard DB13(J)175-2015, and more than 10 National and provincial standard, besides, the company also participated the Housing construction department .


Independent research and development of siphon roof rainwater drainage system technology, filling the gap in the domestic industry; Build the first experimental platform of siphon rainwater bucket in China; Awarded as "High-tech Enterprise" by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Taining's first siphon system project-Beijing Xizhimen Light Rail Station.

  • 2004年

    It is the first domestic company to develop the same-layer drainage system business, filling the gap in the industry; Editor-in-chief of "Siphon Rainwater Bucket" industry standard.

  • 2005年

    It was the first domestic company to engage in the business of comprehensive rainwater utilization system, which filled the gap in the industry; Build the first experimental demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of rainwater in China; Undertook the construction of the largest single building in China-Terminal 3 of Capital Airport.

  • 2006年

    Won the bid for Beijing Olympic Park Central Area, National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) and other Olympic projects; Independent research and development of ground infiltration and drainage integrated system technology; Taining undertook to build the first overseas project-Congo (Brazzaville) Olongbo Airport; Participated in the compilation of the national standard "Technical Specification for Rainwater Utilization in Buildings and Residential Areas" GB50400-2006.

  • 2007年

    The successful completion of 21 Olympic and supporting projects has established its position as a leading enterprise in the industry Participated in the construction of Xinzheng International Airport project won the National Construction Project Luban Award.

  • 2008年

    Highly recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Municipal Government, the company has since embarked on a train of rapid development.

  • 2008年

    Highly recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Municipal Government, the company has since embarked on a train of rapid development.

  • 2009年

    The World Expo, Asian Games, and Universiade projects once again consolidated the company's position and reputation as an industry leader; Beijing Taining Kechuang Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed Beijing Taining Kechuang Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd.; The Taining brand was approved as a famous trademark in Beijing.

  • 2010年

    Assist the reconstruction of Beichuan New County and the implementation of more than one hundred projects, and the use of rainwater demonstrates social value.

  • 2011年

    Exploit the international market and continue to participate in the Singapore International Water Week, the French International Water Treatment Exhibition, etc.; Establish production and processing logistics base to realize independent production of core products; Independent research and development of core products for rainwater utilization such as "the third generation of assemblable water storage block", "rainfall type rainwater discarded stream intelligent control device", "drain board", "injection gutter", "inspection well" and other core products.

  • 2012年

    The "7.21" heavy rain caused a large number of frontline media such as CCTV, BTV, Sina.com, People's Daily Online, Xinhuanet, etc. to pay attention to Taining's rainwater business; Won the key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology The rainwater utilization system was successfully applied to 19 breeding farms and several planting greenhouses, marking the company's business entry into the agricultural water-saving field.

  • 2013年

    To undertake the 16th International Conference on Rainwater Collection and Utilization and the International Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Rainwater. Hainan Sansha City donated rainwater comprehensive utilization facilities to help the construction of the island.

  • 2014年

    Accumulatively completed more than 3,000 engineering projects and applied for more than 150 patents. Taining rainwater storage module obtained the national key new product certificate.

  • 2015年

    Participated in the construction of the first batch of national sponge city pilot cities such as Suining and Chizhou, and became the best practicer of China's sponge cities. Participating unit for the industrialization of "Technical Guidelines for Sponge City Construction" of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  • 2016年

    Take the lead in establishing Zhongguancun Sponge City Engineering Research Institute and Zhongguancun Lvzhi Sponge City Ecological Homeland Industry Alliance. Won the title of "Zhongguancun Credit Double Hundred Enterprise" and "Beijing Construction Industry Credit Enterprise".

  • 2017年

    Co-build the Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology. Participated in 17 national-level sponge city pilot city projects including Qingdao Sponge City PPP. Two of the company's technologies were selected into the "Beijing Water Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Catalog"

  • 2018年

    The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology approved the company to take the lead in establishing the Beijing Sponge City Application Integration Industry Innovation Center; Approved Zhongguancun's sponge city whole industry chain service platform. Participated in the 2018 Sponge City Construction International Conference and hosted the "Industry Sub-forum"; Selected as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing for social responsibility.

  • 2020年

    Recognized as a public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing; Four products were selected into the "Zhongguancun Third Batch of New Technologies, New Products and Services List for Fighting the Epidemic"; Successively won the bids for the centralized procurement projects of Vanke, Greenland, China Resources, and China City Alliance.