Tidelion Brings You Advanced Rainwater Treatment System

Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd is a leading provider of various kinds of rainwater treatment and purification equipment and has been in the business for the last eighteen years.  Tidelion understands the need for conserving rainwater so that it can be used for different purposes without being wasted. We have established ourselves as a market-leading rainwater treatment equipment manufacturer, and we aim to provide different sustainable options to our customers so they can use the rainwater in a better way. Tidelion, as a key rainwater recycling model manufacturer, has provided options so the rainwater can be preserved for better utility and irrigation procedures.

The unique designing element of our intelligent rainwater treatment equipment room has made us one of the most reliable water solution providers in the circuit. The development that the water filtration tools have shown in the past has pushed the rainwater filtration system manufacturer circle to innovate the means of filtration and are proud to be one of the most innovative water filtration equipment providers.

Modern Rainwater Treatment Systems

We have developed the rainwater integrated water treatment equipment device to be useful for multipurpose needs. The uniquely designed equipment features a rainwater overflow port that prevents any malfunctioning of the equipment due to the excessive flow of rainwater.  We have been a pioneer among the rainwater recycling model manufacturer circle, and we take pride in being a technology-driven company that is determined to provide new and innovative ways to make the most out of the rainwater reserves. It’s our out-of-the-box techniques and unique approach that has earned us the place in the reputable rainwater treatment solution provider circle.

The state-of-the-art rainwater treatment and purification equipment allow us to make the water usable for different situations. The modern design and the facility of a rainwater overflow port make our products suitable for different water-saving applications. We are capable of providing the rainwater integrated water treatment equipment device at a wholesale price which also makes us capable of handling any bulk requirements that might come from our customers.

What Makes Us Different?

Our unique approach towards the development of rainwater treatment systems has made us a well-known rainwater treatment solution provider in the industry. We have a wide range of solutions, including the ground treatment room, underground treatment room and intelligent rainwater treatment machine have made it possible for us to offer solutions that are built according to the distinguished needs of our customers. Our ability to evolve and invent new equipment has allowed us to be a torchbearer in the rainwater filtration system manufacturer spectrum.

The intelligent rainwater treatment equipment room is designed to integrate the water treatment functions, real-time water quality monitoring functions, equipment exterior lighting functions, solar power supply systems, and human-computer interaction systems. Our unmatchable wholesale pricing, modern research, and development has made us a pioneer name among different players in the rainwater treatment equipment manufacturer spectrum.