Grass planting floor of high load parking lot

Grass planting floor of high load parking lot

Using special design plastic form work, the car park can be cast on site. Comparing with the planting grass brick car park, it can solve the some problems such as poor integrity, easily damaged, uneven ground, plant growth bad and etc. And also it has some advantage such as High strength, high permeability, Short construction period and etc.

Name Ecological high-bearing grassland
Material Plastic molds, Concrete
Specification L×W×H = 600×600×100 (mm)
Compression Strength C30~C60
Applicable Occasions and Advantages Suitable for parking; high strength, good integrity, aesthetic effect, good water permeability, short construction period.
Traditional ecological parking lot Ecological high-bearing grassland
Poor bearing capacity Strong bearing capacity
Poor overall stability Good overall stability
Poor water permeability Good water permeability
Poor plant growth Plants are growing well
Short service life Long lasting

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Want to enhance the aesthetics and function of your traditional parking lots? Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd., has the best solution for you as we design the superior parking lot grass planting floor for our clients. The grass planting floors are the most suitable, eco-friendly, and porous options for the parking lots. We use high-quality concrete and recycled plastic to make a proper grass planting communication overflow port. The open cells of the supreme material allow grass to grow naturally. Tidelion can install this entire system for you in just a few days and at very affordable rates. This is because the construction of the grass planting drainage ditch requires less equipment and labor. Besides, we guarantee the most sustainable system as we have all the expertise in the field and have never disappointed any of our patrons.

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Tidelion is a corporate of professional manufacturers that can make the best parking lot grass planting floor. Here are all the best reasons well-described to install this perfect system.

  1. The grass block pavers we install in your parking lots can prevent stormwater runoff.
  2. The sustainable grass planting communication overflow port we construct looks aesthetically appealing. 
  3. This porous system absorbs all the heat and keeps the parking lots cooler.
  4. The earth-friendly grass planting drainage ditch we make also recharges the groundwater.

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Tidelion always makes sure to satiate the customers with our supreme services. This is the reason we first understand all the requirements of our customers and then offer them the best design of the parking lot grass planting floor. Subsequently, we offer the most reasonable rates as we always promise to deliver utmost priority to the needs of our clientele. We are even willing to provide you services after the construction is completed. We are always ready to maintain the grass planting drainage ditch, which also proves our worth in the global market.