PE linear drainage ditch

PE linear drainage ditch

General drainage trenches use PE materials, are often placed at the periphery of the low greenbelt to collect the rainwater in the greenbelt, also can be placed on the road shoulders to collect rainwater on the roads, so the rainwater can be discharged fast through the trenches, after the filtration treatment, collected into the storage system, and the trench is easy to clean, which also applies to parks, industrial parks, buildings and residential blocks and public squares and other areas.

­Tidelion – One Stop for Drainage Solutions

Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd is a leading provider of various kinds of water-saving systems and has been in the business for the last eighteen years.  Tidelion understands the need for conserving rainwater so that it can be used for different purposes without being wasted in vain. Our offerings, such as the U-shaped infiltration channels, have been an industry-defining solution that has enabled new ways of water preservation.

We have been offering different economical solutions such as PE plastic linear drainage ditch, siphon special high-density polyethylene pipe, resin concrete drainage ditch, and cast iron overflow pit to protect the water resources so they can be used for different purposes. We are also capable of designing and offering a bulk amount of U-shaped infiltration channel solutions that can benefit different areas that are in need of water.

Why Choose PE Linear Drainage Ditch?

The water collection solutions such as PE plastic linear drainage ditch are designed to be fitted alongside the road and other outdoor settings. The main idea that goes into the designing of these ditches is to reuse the rainwater for different purposes. We take great pride in being the frontline PE linear drainage ditch manufacturer, and we have designed the water preservation systems to be universal and applicable to different spaces. We register ourselves as a key PE infiltration pipe manufacturer and aim to offer state-of-the-art solutions that can help in storing water reserves for future generations.

We have established ourselves as a pioneer resin concrete drainage ditch manufacturer so we can offer our contribution in making functional water-storing options in megacities where the need to reuse the water that is widely used in spaces such as parks, industrial parks, residential blocks, and other public spaces. We have worked with major countries to provide them high-speed drainage pit options so the possibility of any kind of clogging can be prevented in times of urban flooding.

Other Contributions

Tidelion, as a pioneer PE infiltration pipe manufacturer is determined to provide economical and sustainable solutions that can benefit the water-deprived areas to make the most out of the rainwater reserves.  We have not only led the PE linear drainage ditch manufacturer circle but also have provided new ways to store water in a sustainable manner for different cities that are based on complex water draining models. We have offered our siphon special high-density polyethylene pipe to various clients to facilitate their water-saving endeavors in a better way.

Our offerings, such as the cast iron overflow pit and the high-speed drainage pit, have helped different smart city models to be able to get rid of rainwater that used to cause clogging and other drainage-related issues. We also provide better rates as compared to any other resin concrete drainage ditch manufacturer that has facilitated us in becoming one of the well-known names in the industry.