Beijing Capital Airport T3 Terminal (T3A, T3C, GTC)

Beijing Capital International Airport Extension Project (Including T3A,T3C and GTC)

Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport is biggest building deployed with siphonic roof drainage system. Construction area is 986,000 square meters and water collection of roof is 187,000 square meters.YG 150 outlet of Tidelion is firstly deployed in this project, which maximum drainage capacity is 120L/s.Because 98% of landscape survival is much higher than the average level 75%, hanging garden of GTC(Ground Transportation Center) is the best one in China. Through high efficiency utilization of roof rainwater, and infiltration and drainage air pipeline under the roof landscape, water supply to the plant can be well guaranteed. In order to ensure the percentage of survival of plant, the soil has passed strictly testing, and soil alkalinity are effective neutralized by putting appropriate amount of turfy soil and organic N,P,K fertilizer while construction. Because of experience accumulation of maintenance, testing soil and water many times before working, and excellence construction, fantastic result of 98% can be realized.

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