Chizhou No. 1 Middle School

Chizhou No.1 high school is in the Tiantanghu New District, western of Shengjinhu road, northern of Dongzhi road, 15.3 hectares. The requirements of construction of Chizhou sponge city are, 78% annual runoff control, 30mm rainfall, more than 15% reuse of rainwater. Considering about existing structure, catchment subarea is reasonable designed. By the LID measures of rainwater atrium, rainwater garden, ecological parking, grass wales, colorful infiltration concrete, rainwater storage tank, rainwater of project is collected, treated and utilized. Drainage system is optimized, and over permitted rainwater is drained, so the target of infiltration, attenuation, storage, purification, utilization and drainage of rainwater is reached. Campus is beautiful and perfect with control and utilization of rainwater, so the comprehensive benefits of construction of sponge city is realized.


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