Satellite Hall of Shanghai Pudong International Airport Phase III Expansion Project

The satellite hall project is an important part of the transformation and expansion of the passenger and cargo facilities of Pudong Airport. 124 new seats will be added to connect with the main building of the terminal building through the MRT system. The satellite hall engineering design refers to the IATA "world-class airport" standard, and mainly constructs S1 and S2 satellite halls. S1 and S2 satellite halls are connected by a corridor, covering an area of ​​620,000 square meters. At Shanghai Pudong International Airport, with the completion and commissioning of the third phase of the main project on September 16, the world’s largest airport satellite hall officially welcomed guests with a 620,000 square meter satellite hall and its rapid transit system, and a 950,000 square meter harbor apron. It is the core project. The satellite hall is currently the world's largest single long-distance satellite hall. It is composed of two central halls S1 and S2 connected together and can provide 86-125 seats of various types.