Sichuan Suining Sports Center and Sports Park

Sports Central & Sports Park of Suining City

The total area of Sports Center of Suining City is about 170000 square meters, with the 80000 square meters of buiding area.By emission reduction in the source, procedure control, treatment at the end, etc., according to local conditions, this project is implemented. By combination of green color and grey color, low elevation greenbelt, bioretention, rain garden, crushed stone permeable zone, conveyance wales, infiltration trench of environmental protection plastic module, sponge capacity of whole area is under control, 80% controlled and 60% pollution reduction of runoff. Meanwhile, by collecting and treating rainwater of half a road, including Dongping Road, Wucaibinfen Road and Ziru road, in the sports complex, 70% pass-by water on the road can be controlled.


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